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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  May 29, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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comes after the star, roseanne barr, referred to valerie jarrett in a tweet as a child of the muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes. the president has said in the past what a fan he is of the show. no word yet on how he feels about its cancellation. then there's immigration. nbc news has learned the trump administration will soon require fingerprints from parents coming to claim their migrant children from the u.s. department of health and human services. also this hour, summit whiplash continuing. not even a week after president trump officially canceled his summit with kim jong-un in a letter, president trump says his administration continues to quote, actively prepare for the event. in singapore, it was scheduled to take place in exactly two weeks. now one of north korea's senior officials is on his way to new york to meet with u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompeo. following all of the action at the white house for us is nbc news hans nichols. let's start by talking through what has kind of broken over the course of the last hour and that is the cancellation of roseanne's show in the wake of that tweet. still no word from the white house, but we may hear from the president? >> reporter: still no word. it didn't appear as of 20 minutes ago there had been any plans. kristen welker asking sarah huckabee sanders if the president planned to come out. we do know there's ample opportunity for the president to weigh in. we know he's a fan of roseanne. we have the president departing in about 25 minutes. we will see if he says anything then. tonight he's got a big rally in nashville. we will see whether or not it's an opportunity, whether or not he will weigh in on the controversy. >> of course, she, roseanne, portraying herself or she being a supporter of the president's but also having her character on the show be a highly visible supporter of the president's. >> reporter: in the show, they
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tried to deal with some of the tensions in families that are mixed families, that have people that are trump supporters, that are not trump supporters. the line from roseanne's side has always been they are addressing this and giving voice to the voters that voted for president trump, which why we might hear from president trump perhaps backing roseanne, giving her some sort of statement. again, nothing official from the white house yet. but culturally, there's a great deal of affinity between trump voters and roseanne barr. that's one of the reasons why people are talking about the success of her show, where she's had some high ratings, down a little bit last time but her ratings in one of her shows was 18 million viewers. that's a pretty high number. higher, for example, than the nba playoffs we have just been witnessing, some of us even enjoying. >> that's an interesting way of looking at it, hans. the venue he has tonight could be something where this might come up. while i have you, on a totally different buter critical topic, this north kor summit,
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has it been cleared up, the confusion, or what is the status? >> reporter: they haven't cleared up the confusion. it seems like they are leaning towards a summit. whether or not it happens june 12th or a little bit later is one thing they need to clarify. kel kellyanne conway suggesting it might be put back. here she is on how difficult it is with three different negotiations taking place. >> reporter: is the summit back on? >> you have two delegations over there working on the logistics, working on the diplomatic talks. for the first time in 18 years, a north korean official will be on american soil. >> reporter: that delegation, the one, the north korean will be met with mike pompeo in new york. you have logistic talks taking place in singapore. last night in the dmz you had the team of three americans going into north korea to have three separate conversations. one focused on logistics, one
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focused on the overall conversation, and the important one in new york. we will try to get a read out of that. >> hans nichols at the white house, thanks very much. keep us posted of course if we hear from the president, and we will come right back to you. more now on that tweet from roseanne. her abc show was canceled after she sent this tweet saying former obama adviser valerie jarrett, muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes, had a baby equa equals vj. the backlash was immediate. roseanne later writing i am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. i should have known better. forgive me. my joke was in bad taste. that was not enough to save her show. in a simple one-sentence statement, abc which is owned by disney, said roseanne's twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values and we have decided to cancel her show.
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the roseanne reboot has been doing very well for the network. the hollywood reporter says roseanne was the highest rated and most watched series of this broadcast season, averaging more than 19 million viewers. she received praise for those ratings from the president, who talked about calling to congratulate her back in march. >> even look at roseanne. i called her yesterday. look at her ratings. look at her ratings. i got a call from mark burnett. he did the apprentice. he's a great guy. he said donald, i called just to say hello and to tell you, did you see roseanne's ratings? i said mark, how big we they? they were unbelievable. over 18 million people, and it was about us. >> even before the show was canceled, many who work on the show reacted immediately.
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producer wanda sykes tweeted she would not be returning as a writer while sarah gilbert, who stars in the show, also tweeted the comments are quote, abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show. i am disappointed in her actions, to say the least. now, valerie jarrett will get her first opportunity to respond to roseanne at tonight's msnbc town hall on every day racism in america. trymaine lee is in philadelphia aled of the town hall. this will be valerie jarrett's first chance to respond to this. weigh in. this story has been moving so quickly. what will we hear tonight? >> i don't know. it's tough to call. on one hand you want to immediately say life comes at you fast sometimes, but others would say that roseanne barr's demise was slow in the making. she made offensive and insulting comments in the past. bringing race into it kind of tipped it over the edge.
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we are here in philadelphia where just weeks ago, two young black men were arrested at starbucks which sparked this renewed dialogue on race. valerie jarrett will be here onstage tonight at 9:00 in philadelphia. it will be the first time, if she addresses this issue at all, the first time. but we can expect tonight a really candid conversation, the likes that we haven't seen in some time, really addressing head-on not the big high profile cases of police brutality or shootings that we have seen rear their head in recent years, but the everyday forms of racism. as james baldwin said a thousand cuts of racism black folks experience every single day. so the timing is at once kind of remarkable for better and worse, that the show is canceled after she made such an offensive statement about valerie jarrett, but this is exactly the kind of conversation we want to speak on. the kind of impolite conversation that doesn't often happen on twitter or on prime time news, but that's happening in families, in communities.
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>> well, i want to ask you about that, too. that is one thing with this president and we saw it beginning during his campaign. as you point out, these types of remarks in public, it seems as though there is a much more increased willingness for a lot of people to feel as though they have license to speak like this. that seems like a hallmark of the trump era. >> you know, as well as i do, when you are covering donald trump on the trail and you are in communities, small communities, midsized communities, you ask them what is it about this new york billionaire that attracts you, they say he speaks just like me. for a time there, donald trump has said he has your back in so many words, that i'm here for you. i think that's kind of the tug and pull here. there are some people who say it's about policy and the american economy and jobs, he's a businessman. for other people there are dog whistles and straight up whistles, right? he's sending signals to a
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certain community. while for a long time people felt they couldn't speak out the way they wanted to, with this president, with his twitter fingers, with his mouth, he's emboldened so many of them. when you go across the country, people say they are seeing confederate flags next to donald trump flags. that's quite frankly scary for many people and freeing for others. i think this shows that. >> stick with me. for more on this, i also want to bring in by phone msnbc contributor charlie sykes. thanks for calling in today to weigh in. i want to ask you, you may have not heard what the president had to say at the top of the show but we played a bite from a rally where he talked about calling roseanne to say congratulations on her ratings, and as he looked out at that crowd, it was a rally style crowd, he sort of offhand mentioned to them hey, this is a show about us, this is people like us. what do you think -- weigh in here on the politics of this and how the president has brought
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race to the forefront in such a defining way. >> well, first of all, i mean, as i tweeted out earlier today, this roseanne 2.0 was never going to end well. she's an erratic figure who has been prone to some of these intemperate comments. abc should have known that. to this larger point, donald trump has given permission to people to say things out loud that once would have been stigmatized. the bigoted comment at the bar now becomes something that a celebrity endorsed by the president of the united states says on twitter. that's the unfortunate thing, because it is empowering and emboldening people to be able to engage in all of this. i have been a critic of political correctness for a long time. but there's a point at which just flat out bigoted racism cannot be tolerated, and yet
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what donald trump has done is he has used the power and prestige of his office to raise the profile of someone like roseanne barr and that is troubling, and it will be interesting to see what the blowback is, whether or not people will come to her defense or will try to cast her as a martyr rather than okay, this was a really ugly moment and there ought to be an absolute consensus there should be no place for roseanne barr on network television. >> charlie, what's your sense of how voters in the heartland might respond to this, a lot of the people that were watching her show are coming out of, you know, some of those states that we were surprised to learn backed president trump in this election? you think the reaction is going to be with roseanne? >> i don't know. i certainly hope not. by the way, i'm from wisconsin, and her show is set in illinois. we don't want to ever be confused with illinois. but it will be interesting to
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see whether or not there is this reflexive tribal gathering around. roseanne barr was with trump and now they have fired her, as opposed to looking at exactly why she was removed. i don't think abc had any choice whatsoever. i think the next 24 hours is going to be -- it's going to be revealing. again, i think most people in the midwest are fundamentally decent and they will take their cues from people about what responsible folks, thought leaders, what is responsible speech. where are the bright red lines. where can we disagree and where can we agree, and can we do it in a civil way. i'm hoping that it doesn't fall along these red/blue lines. but you know, again, that's going to be another one of these markers of how far we have come in the age of trump, whether or not he comes to her defense and whether people feel the need suddenly to rally around her.
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>> charlie, thanks very much. trymaine, thank you as well. we will have much more conversation about this as the hour unfolds. we also want to touch on this, because a top north korean official is on his way to new york as we speak. president trump tweeted quote, we have put a great team together for our talks with north korea. meetings are currently taking place concerning the summit and more. the vice chairman of north korea heading to new york. solid response to my letter. thank you. we are in seoul, south korea with the latest. janice, put this into context for us. what does it signal? >> reporter: the introduction is a sign the north koreans are serious about moving this forward. it doesn't mean a guarantee of success. at the dmz tomorrow, officials will meet again with north korean officials as they try to hammer out an agenda. what is it they can talk about at this summit that can produce
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a workable agreement. at the same time, there is another u.s. team working with north korean officials in singapore as they try to work out the logistics for this summit to see if it can even come together in such a short period of time. trust remains a central issue. this what is kim jong-un told south korean president moon jae-in when they had that surprise and secret meeting on saturday. it was a meeting that kim jong-un had requested of him. moon revealed the next day that kim told him that he is committed to having a successful summit with president trump and that he is committed to denuclearization, but nobody has yet answered the question of what that means. what are the north koreans even willing to talk about, let alone agree to. >> thanks very much for that report. i want to bring in msnbc chief international security and diplomacy analyst james stavrid
12:15 pm
stavridis, retired admiral and former nato supreme allied commander, now dean of the fletcher school at tufts university. you have the best title in the business possibly, in the western world. it's wonderful to have you. we are honored that you are here. weigh in on what you think this visit, this is historic to have a north korean official coming here to the united states. it seems like they definitely wanted to send the message that no, no, we actually are serious about that. what's your take? >> i think that's exactly right. sort of where we are right now as we look at this june 12th potential summit, on a scale that runs from a photo op to nobel prizes for all my friends, this is way over here on the photo op side of things. but that's not a bad thing. where we were six months ago, when we were talking seriously about the potential for immediate hostilities on the korean peninsula, we have come a long way. let's hope that all of these bits and pieces fall together
12:16 pm
and we ought to remember that these summits are very big, complex moving machinery. when we did, for example, a nato summit, it would take a year of preparation to get the logistics, the talking points, the agenda, the outcomes nailed down. it's not a bad thing that we are over here in photo op land but let's focus on getting the two leaders in the room together, maybe build some trust. then we can get to this gap that exists between denuclearization and what president trump is willing to give on that side of things. >> what's your sense of how realistic it is that the turn-around on this could be basically two weeks' time? could it actually be held on june 12th? >> i think it's possible. at the end of the day, it is a bilateral summit, only two nations involved. a nato summit had 28 nations in it. secondly, it's relatively contained in a smallish setting
12:17 pm
in singapore so it's not like an entire city. you can narrow it down to a few blocks. the real challenge is achieving something beyond simply taking a series of photographs. i think the odds of that are pretty low but i think the odds of getting the people in the same room and at least making a commitment to letting diplomacy play moving forward is better than even at the moment. >> admiral, thank you very much for your insight. really appreciate it. >> thanks, kasie. good to see you. coming up, two major immigration headlines. we are following president trump blasting democrats and migrant children separated from their families. plus, all starbucks stores closing early today with many already closed at this hour to train employees on racial bias. could it be a real change in how corporate america deals with race? ly started dating... -yes -yes cool. i want to show you guys three chevy suv's. the first one is called the trax, great for when you move in together. -ahhh!
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the debate over immigration once again front and center, due the a couple of big headlines involving trump administration policies. let's quickly run through what has been going on. kids are being separated at the border from their parents, at the border, but it is not because of some new law as lawmakers and even the president has said. these families are being separated because of a policy that the administration is enforcing. chief of staff john kelly told npr it's a tough deterrent, while the doj labeled it zero
12:22 pm
tolerance. this is the press release from when they introduced the policy in april. here's the attorney general explaining it. >> if you cross the border unlawfully, then we will prosecute you. if you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you. and that child may be separated from you as required by law. >> as for all those headlines involving 1,475 missing kids, there was some confusion initially that the kids missing were the ones separated from their parents. those kids that were deemed lost were children who had crossed the border as unaccompanied minors. here's the deputy secretary of health and human services, the agency that places these kids, explaining why hhs says that they are not actually lost. >> they are not lost. they have been placed in the vast majority of cases with parents or close relatives.
12:23 pm
the only reason why people believe falsely that the children are lost is because that sponsor does not answer the phone when we make the call after 30 days. >> for more on this and what's being done on immigration in congress, i'm joined by congressman carlos carbello from florida. good to see you. back at home, of course, for recess. i want to start with this policy, though, separating children from their families. is what the u.s. government is doing here humane? >> kasie, it's good to be with you. and no. we should not be separating children from their families. i was critical of the last administration, the way they treated some of these unaccompanied minors under very poor conditions, and this is not a good idea, either. i think we have to find a healthy balance between enforcing our immigration laws because our country does have the right to enforce its border and our immigration laws. every other country in the world
12:24 pm
does it. and being humane and keeping especially small children with their families. so this isn't a good idea and it is a symptom, a symptom of a broken immigration system that requires congressional action and as you know, we are trying to force that action and trying to get the first meaningful immigration reform in this country done since 1986. >> you heard john kelly, the white house chief of staff there, talking about a potential deterrent. when i talk to sources who are working on this issue who are with the administration or support these policies, they say you know, showing that families could be separated is going to prevent people from coming to the united states illegally. do you think that that's something that the administration should be doing? >> there are a lot of horrible things that can be done to deter people from coming to our country. that doesn't mean that we should do them. again, i think we have to
12:25 pm
remember children, when it comes to illegal immigration, children are always victims. children do not have any say on whether or not they cross the border illegally. and to punish them just seems like the wrong decision, especially when we have these approximately 1500 children who are unaaccou accounted for. i understand the administration says they may not be lost but clearly people don't know exactly where they are, and that's something that we certainly have to correct. so in light of these developments where we have these unaccounted for children, i think to further create a situation where more children could become unaccounted for is not a good idea. kasie, this is difficult, because we know that a lot of the human traffickers that bring people across the border are well-versed in the various loopholes in our immigration
12:26 pm
system, and sometimes they encourage families, parents, to make poor decisions and of course, we don't want to encourage that. we don't want to encourage people to come to our country illegally. it's dangerous and it's not good for our country. but we also have to use discretion to protect children. again, to protect the innocent victims of illegal immigration and all of this calls for congressional action, which is why we continue insisting that immigration legislation should come to the house floor. >> where are you on that, congressman? >> -- lead to that situation can be debated and considered. here's where we are. we have 213 signatures. we only need five more. there are more republicans who are willing to sign. they are giving negotiations a chance. there's a parallel process that's ongoing where we are having a dialogue with different republican leaders. i had a conversation today with
12:27 pm
chairman goodlatte. some progress -- >> do you buy it? do you trust the leadership on this? do you guys need to go this alone? >> that's why we have parallel processes that are ongoing. we will continue conversations because we think it's always worthwhile to have that dialogue. but just in case that doesn't work, and we know from the history of immigration reform in the house, there's a significant chance it doesn't work, we are also going to continue pressing forward on our discharge petition to give all members of the house, conservatives, liberals, republicans, democrats, centrists, the opportunity to bring forward immigration legislation, have it debated and have congress do its job. >> keep us posted. thanks very much. i'm sure you have a hard-working recess in our tough swing district. best to you. coming up, we will have much more on the story blowing up this afternoon. roseanne barr's rebooted sitcom
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dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein think having a great smile is so important. breaking news. roseanne's talent agency has
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just dropped her, saying her tweet is quote, antithetical to our core values. this after this tweet about former obama adviser valerie jarrett. quote, the statement is abhorre abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values and we have decided to cancel our show. roseanne tried to apologize soon after the tweet and called it a bad joke. but it wasn't enough. the show has received high praise and the president even called roseanne to congratulate her for the show's successful reboot. so far, the president and white house aren't responding to the news of the show's cancellation. roseanne's racist twitter rant comes the same day that starbucks all across the country have closed for racial sensitivity training. of course, that follows the incident involving two young black men who were arrested in the store for not leaving.
12:33 pm
joining me to talk about all of this, rashad robinson, executive director of color for change. mark morial and eric deggens will join us by phone. gentlemen, this conversation, i hardly know where to start. i want to start with you, marc. this so clearly crossed a line in an era where we have been dealing with trymaine lee said dog whistles and actual out loud whistles in this trump era. weigh in on how abc handled this and how we got here. >> this was not a dog whistle. this was a bull horn. >> yes. >> right there in your face. >> yes. >> abc put its values above its profits because this show has been successful for them, but there's a track record with this particular person that had they
12:34 pm
checked, i think she's used inappropriate language in the past. so abc did the right thing. i think she should be univers universally condemned for saying such nasty, inappropriate, hateful, racist things about an american like valerie jarrett who served this nation with great distinction in president obama's administration, and who continues to do great things. she doesn't deserve it, because no one deserves to be called those types of names. i think this is a strong, strong message by abc. i'm glad they acted swiftly. i'm glad they acted without any hesitation at all to cancel her show and now her talent agency dropping her i think is another indication that her activity, her actions, her words, are universally unacceptable. >> rashad, weigh in here as well. is she tryg to dismiss this as a bad joke? >> um-hum.
12:35 pm
you know, this is a problem of abc's own making in many ways. i'm glad that they took the right step in getting rid of her. i'm glad her talent agency has taken the right step of getting rid of her, but like marc said, she has been saying these things over and over again. she made a similar remark years ago about susan rice, the national security adviser to president obama. she's made these type of comments on twitter for years. folks kind of took a gamble in whether or not people would just cast these aside as jokes, whether people would ignore them, that in this current culture of trump, that maybe folks would be okay. at color of range change we do of work to hold corporations accountable. a lot of it starts with libehin the scenes corporation. a lot of times we find folks inside the corporation that agree with us and folks that don't agree with us and trying to mobilize our members to hold
12:36 pm
these institutions accountable. in each and every one of these situations, it's not just a situation of the presence of the problem. it's about the power of the community. to today, roseanne's statements really was a step too far. but the question for corporations around this country and in the era of starbucks is will they take the step in the beginning, not have to wait for this -- >> you're saying don't hire roseanne barr in the first place. >> yes. don't put her on your roster of talent. don't give her an endorsement deal. don't do the things that bring her into your fold, because you are enabling roseanne barr and in relationship, you are also enabling this action far and wide. then you can't then pretend like you are taking a huge step. there will be a lot of people hurt by this decision. folks who worked on that show who are good people, who will be out of a job. there will be many folks who will not fully understand this
12:37 pm
because of the way abc jumped into this in the first place, but this just sends a powerful message to corporations every single day that you must hold the line in the beginning or suffer in the end anyway. >> eric, you cover media for npr. what's the behind the scenes thought process for an organization like abc? i can't help but noticing that the woman that runs, she is an african-american woman, she runs abc entertainment, an incredibly powerful post, and she was the one, the statement, the one-line statement was in her name. >> right. right. well, i would say that it's treacherous to try and postulate what people were thinking, but abc is owned by disney, and disney is a company that is known for its family-friendly and inclusive atmosphere across a bunch of different platforms.
12:38 pm
so i can certainly see all of the executives sort of realizing that what roseanne did was so counter and so damaging to what disney wants to stand for not just in television but across all of its platforms, that they had to act quickly. i would also say that given how quickly some people are distancing themselves, how quickly she was dropped by her representation, it may also have been a sense that people you know, were waiting for some excuse to distance themselves from her. and so i and other media reporters will be going to people who worked on the show and will be going to folks who are close to this and trying to find out what exact did happen here, and wt led people to decide to take t actions that they are taking. but it is heartening to see that abc moved quickly when people were beginning to ask questions about what abc stood for and what disney stood for.
12:39 pm
>> this was also an incredibly profitable show for abc. clearly there was an appetite in the country for a show like the show she was doing. it was one of the highest rated, if not the highest rated program and for them to make this statement seems quite remarkable. >> yes. depending on what measures you look at, it was either the highest rated or second most -- second highest rated show on television through its reboot season. this was a show that abc seemed to have put, centered its fall strategy around. they were prominently mentioned in their up-front presentations to advertisers earlier this month. so this was not a show that was easy for them to get rid of. the fact that they moved so quickly to cancel one of the highest rated shows on television just shows you how
12:40 pm
seriously they took this comment and how little tolerance they have for this kind of racism when it's expressed in the public space, even by one of their biggest stars. >> marc, i'm interested in your view of the role corporate america is going to play going forward, especially in the trump era. this is one place where obviously at some points, companies, starbucks had this terrible incident they are now trying to rectify, but it does seem as though this is one place where there is some pushback against the rhetoric coming from the white house and from the president. it's oftentimes companies who are serving the needs of all americans, who are saying you know what, we're not going to tolerate this. >> and there needs to be much, much more. it was remarkable last year during charlottesville that a number of business ceos did, in fact, speak out forcefully and un unequivocally but many still
12:41 pm
remain silent. what this is, it's a moment that says you've got to lean in to this opportunity and lean into the need that you have to fill the moral void that's been left by the deficiencies in the white house. the white house has surrounded the moral platform the presidency always represented. it's up to civic leaders like us, it's up to business leaders, it's up to religious leaders and others to fill the void and say this is what america stands for. abc is coming down on the side of this but rashad made a good point. some of this may have been self-inflicted because there was a track record of inappropriate language directed in the past at susan rice, now at valerie jarrett, coming from roseanne barr. what companies have to do in the media space, in the entertainment space, is put a much harder screen on those that they empower, put a much harder set of conditions on those that they empower and they make stars out of, that they are and do not have a track record and history of doing this.
12:42 pm
but i want to see more companies do what starbucks has done. that is in a very, very, if you will, aggressive way and assertive way, say we are going to deal with the problem of implicit and explicit bias. it's an important step by starbucks. and many other companies have done diversity training. many other companies have made commitments but i will tell you, more need to do it. the fortune 1,000 as a group needs to make a commitment to do this, doit consi it consistentl an ongoing basis. it's what corporate social responsibility is and what customers expect. more and more it's what shareholders expect. also, it's what the public interest demands. >> thank you all for this very important conversation. really appreciate it. tonight, join joy reid and chris hayes with the reverend al sharpton for a town hall about every day racism, in front of a
12:43 pm
live audience in philadelphia. be sure to check it out, tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. coming up here, new and growing questions today surrounding ivanka trump's business and potential conflict of interest. it has to do with china. the response from the president of the brand, next. foremothers, your society was led by a woman, who governed thousands... commanded armies... yielded to no one. when i found you in my dna, i learned where my strength comes from. my name is courtney mckinney, and this is my ancestrydna story. now with 5 times more detail than other dna tests. order your kit at now with 5 times more detail than other dna tests. with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates...
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ivanka trump abruptly leaving a background briefing this hour after the q & a session turned to her trade mark controversy. the "new york times" reports china awarded seven new trademarks to her company this month. the associated press reporting the company has received final approval on 13 trademarks in the past three months. and that they have received provisional approval for eight more trademarks. ivanka trump steps down from the company when she joined her father's administration but still maintains a majority stake in her business. the trademark approvals happened around when the president said the commerce department would reconsider a ban imposed on sales of u.s. parts to chinese telecommunications giant zte. even though the company has a history of violating u.s. sanctions against iran and north korea. the president of ivanka trump's
12:48 pm
company said in a statement to nbc news quote, the brand las filed updated and rigorously protected its international trademarks over the past several years. the statement went on to say quote, we have recently seen a surge in trademark filings by unrelated third parties trying to capitalize on the name. it is our responsibility to diligently protect our trademark. joining us to take a closer look at all of this is my colleague, stephanie ruhle, and "the washington post" political reporter david farenthold who has written extensively on the trump family business. david, you have spent so much time digging into the conflicts of interest, the ways in which the trump family has distanced itself from the businesses or not. it's clear that ivanka still has an incredible amount at stake on the success of her businesses, no? >> that's right. like her father, donald trump, both of them have continued to have ownership in their businesses although they have
12:49 pm
given away the management of those businesses to others. they continue to own them and the businesses are basically mostly selling the trump name, putting the trump name, ivanka or donald trump, on products and selling them. so it's not like the workings of the business or the business model are a mystery to them or the customers are a mystery to them even though they have given away, say they have given away day-to-day management. >> kasie, is this a coincidence, the timing of this? >> it could absolutely be a coincidence. but if ivanka trump has a home fragrance line, this one stinks. her company is doing the right thing in defending their position, in trying to get trademarks. but ivanka trump made a decision to go and become a senior adviser to the white house, and the value of her company is the value of the brand. she has not sold the company. she simply has it in a trust. as the value of that trust goes up, that money goes to ivanka. ivanka trump, being on the world stage, doing the closing games
12:50 pm
at the winter olympics, sitting on a stage with christine lagarde and angela merkel while the last campaign in her company she was involved in was women who work, and what is her focus in the white house? advising the president of the united states on matters related to entrepreneurship and to sbentrepreneurship. while the president is dealing in day to day trade negotiations with china, that she would think it's appropriate that her company be working on securing trademarks for pillows. >> that's a good way to put it. has the presidency been on the whole positive for the trump brand, the trump name overseas? i seem to recall you've done some reporting teasing out the idea that it may actually hurt them in some places. >> it's impossible for us to tell from what we've seen publicly whether it's overall good or bad.
12:51 pm
there are some places where the trump brand has receded, the trump hotel in panama, the name came off, the trump hotel in toronto. those are places where trump is unpopular and he lost his hotels in those places. there's a lot of other places where trump has started developments before he got into the oval office. those developments are still going on. i think it's too early to tell whether it's been positive or negative overall. although the trump brand has said they won't do new deals in foreign countries, old deals are still progressing and bringing in a lot of revenue. >> they say some of these trademarks are up to two years old. that would be normal for any brand. you would be waiting a long time to get those trademarks approved. it is stunning to see that ivanka's are approved. when she had dinner at mar-a-lago sitting next to xi jinping, that day she got a
12:52 pm
whole bunch approved. coming up, meddling in the upcoming midterms? president trump says don't look at russia. he's pointing his finger at someone else. [thoughtful sigh] still nervous about buying a house? a little. thought i could de-stress with some zen gardening. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. behind the golf clubs. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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12:55 pm
president trump tweeting another attack on the russia investigation. he says, quote, the 3 angry democrats working on the rigged russia witch hunt will be meddling with the midterm elections, especially now that republicans are taking the lead
12:56 pm
in polls. he's thought to be referring to the people in mueller's office who are registered democrats or who have donated to democratic ka candidates. i'm joined by clint watts. his new book is on sale today, it is called "messing with the enemy, surviving in a social media world of hackers, terrorists, russians and fake news." on garageulati congratulations on the book. i highly recommend it to all of our viewers. it's a little bit of an ominous outlook for kd of what we are facing down, especially when this president seems to be in fact taking these tactics that our adversaries are using and accusing people here in the united states of applying them to our elections. >> that's exactly right. what we see there with that tweet today is essentially a projection. it's oftentimes associated with the guilty. you'll hear vladimir putin do this often times.
12:57 pm
he will project what he is actually doing or the kremlin's doing onto his adversaries. at the same point, what we won't consistent evidence in, whether it's russian disinformation or the cambridge analytica, is this sort of influence that's going on in social media has really been the backbone of the trump campaign. i think today what we saw through some other headlines is they are now looking to build a new apparatus moving forward. in 2018 and 2020, we'll always be concerned about the russians, but the biggest concern is americans using his teak ncaas, politici -- techniques. >> i think that we have a poll out from your book, puppet master where you wrote the quest to pull back the curtain on
12:58 pm
conspiracy, real or imaged, has pushed social media users to fall back on their -- none of this compares with what vladimir putin's propagandaists have been able to do. how are voters supposed to make sense of this? i mean, is it possible to spot it? what should we all be doing in our daily lives to push back on this? >> spend less of your time consuming news off of social media. when you're on social media, you're looking at quick bursts of information. just think how many sources of informatiothat human has to assess in jus seconds. this didn't use to happen before social media. that's why we had newspapers and television news shows which would help us sort through what information is relevant and what is accurate. the other thing is you will see
12:59 pm
the partisans on each end of the polls really become dominating in social media. they will fight for their candidate, for their causes. but people in the middle i think will withdraw from social media, because you can't tell fact from fiction. that could be a good thing but it can be a very bad thing for the social media companies. it could just become a negative user experience all around because even's there in an information war, not really to learn anything. >> can we write laws to address this? what's the fix? >> it's very hard to write laws for this, because freedom of speech, freedom of the press, these are the things that we want to preserve in this country. technology has really allowed everybody to come in and be a source of news or to be the news, actually. one of the things we can do is rating information outlets, much like consumer reports did for products in the '80s. on social media, on a web search, they get a rating over a
1:00 pm
year time period. that helps the consumer knows what fact versus fiction or reporting versus opinion. twitter actually did something really good lately which is changing how their system operates to try and reduce trolling. >> which i know the watts, thank you very much. it's a fascinating book. that's it for me today. thank you all for watching. "deadline white house" with my friend nicole wallace starts right now. ♪ hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. an abc show that president trump once described as a show that was, quote, about us, his voters the men and women he often refers to in tweets and speeches as the forgotten men and women. it was cancelled today after its star roseanne bar sent a racist tweet. the show was abc's top rated


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